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The Police of the World

I am a very patriotic U.S. citizen who understands we have made many mistakes but also many strides.

My father served in the U.S. Army for 26 years and his beliefs and actions have most certainly influenced my political position and the way I analyze the world; but as I reach the end of my undergraduate I have added to earlier beliefs, shifted my stance on some things and overall my understanding and capacity for world politics has substantially increased. 

If your view of the American’s who accept this country as being “the police of the world’ is a negative one, I fear you may have possibly not done your homework on world history. Although not every U.S. intervention was a necessary one, not every intervention was a fruitless one. Try to understand that when the UK almost stood alone against Germany, who aided them & all Europe? When many Asian countries were invaded and men, women and children died (many brutally and inhumanely) from the Japanese, who stopped Japan? These are only two that I am very familiar with, but there are many good and bad interventions that have shaped the world you live in now.

Of course everything we do isn’t solely carried out by us, for us to receive all the praise is ridiculous as many of our allies have aided us in our time of need and vice versa. This goes for the blame as well, however is seems many American’s enjoy juggling extreme amounts praise and extreme amounts of blame.

My question is just, if we don’t police the world, who will? I don’t ask this question as though other countries are inferior and unable to withhold this “title”. But in all seriousness, there needs to be one or a group of countries (what do you know, the Allies) to see the world not get engulfed by the wicked plots of sick minded people. Many whom wish to see this world simply go up in flames, many are fueled by hate, many kill their own people and etc. so why can’t “the police of the world” be the U.S.?

ps. I am also not trying to have any hate or ill feelings surface towards Germany or Japan. My generation and ones after me should simply learn history, become people in society to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself, and learn to move on and love the world and the people who inhabit it. Forgive but don’t forget.


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